Psychonauts 2 Storyboards

Some of my time on Psychonauts 2 was storyboarding cutscenes for the game. Sometimes the storyboards would be to help provided a previsualization of Tim’s writing for the animators. Sometimes the storyboards would be for gameplay purposes and how the flow of the level would progress for the player.

You can see my progression overtime. I started on the project only boarding in photoshop, I quickly learned how to board in storyboard pro after sometime.

I am not a profressional storyboarder my any means but I am proud of the work I did!

intro cutscene for psychonauts 2

flow boards for ford hair level

intro cutscene for the bobz boss fight

ending cutscene for the bob z boss fight

how raz get's into magulia's mind

gameplay and flow boards for mental connection in hollis mind